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MedData™ Products

MedData™ Ordering
The MedData™ products come in three forms:
* Model 100 Products with an on board computer chip for data storage. All Model 100 Products cost $89.99 and come with all accessories to upgrade a home computer to read and write data onto the chip.
* Model 200 Products come with six digit code and link to the Internet for data storage on a personal Medpage. These model do not include an on board computer chip. All Model 200 products cost $39.99 and include all accessories to begin using the product.
* Model 300 Products which have both an on-board computer chip and a six digit code for Medpage storage- duel use product. All Model 300 products cost $99.99 and come with all accessories to write data to the chip from a home computer as well as manage Medpage data.
Note: starting in year two of ownership for all Model 100, 200 and 300 products there is an annual network service fee of $19.99. that is billed on the anniversary date of a purchase. This network fee covers access to our proprietary Emergency Room and physicians networks to allow access to your medical data. From your MedData™ product.
All MedData™ products come with a two year limited warranty against defects of workmanship and manufacturing.

Package Pricing
All MedData™ models come with special 3 year package pricing which includes the year 2 and year 3 network service fees.
Model 100 three year package price
(this is a $20.00 savings off the total)
Model 200 three year package price
(this is a $10.00 savings off the total)
Model 300 three year package price
(this is a $20.00 savings off the total)
Note: In order to qualify for package pricing you must indicate this choice on the On-line Order form and pay the total package price at time of purchase.
MedData™ Pendant
stainless steel (unisex)
Click to Enlarge
MedData™ Pendant
plastic (unisex)
Click to Enlarge
MedData™ Bracelet
stainless steel (women’s)
Click to Enlarge
MedData™ combination
wristwatch & MedData™ (unisex)
Click to Enlarge
MedData™ sports band
(nylon and velcro, unisex)
Click to Enlarge
See How to Order Products for Pricing Information.