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Diabetic Supplies and Diabetic Bracelets

The Company specializes in making MedData™ products for diabetics.

All of our bracelet products can be used specifically as diabetic bracelets as a medical alert to notify medical personnel that you have a pre-existing medical condition. This is particularly important if you were to go into Insulin shock, become unconscious, or have a reaction to other medications which would make communication with emergency personnel difficult.

If you were unconscious and could not communicate with medical personnel your MedData™ diabetic bracelet would act as a medical alert and notify the medical personnel of your condition and the medical personnel could rapidly access your prescriptions and medical data from your personal Medpage™.

All of the companies MedData™ products fall under the category of diabetic supplies and diabetes supplies and may be reimbursed by certain medical insurance programs.

All of the companies MedData™ products are distributed under the categories of:

Medical alert bracelets
Medical Bracelets
Diabetic Supplies
Diabetes Supplies
Diabetic Bracelets


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  • Our Meddata products are diabetic supplies.
    Need a diabetic bracelet? Buy from us!