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Order MedData™ Products On-Line

* All computer chip based products (Model’s 100 & 300) include access to our proprietary and secure reader network.
* All Model 200 products include access to our proprietary and secure Internet network via our website.
* All products come with a limited two year Warrant.
* All product prices include the first year’s network service fee.
Please indicate in the selection boxes below how many of each product model you wish to purchase. You sub total and total will automatically be calculated.
Please also indicate whether you wish to purchase a three year package price in advance to benefit from the package pricing savings.

  Model 100 Model 200 Model 300
Regular Price:   $89.99 $39.99 $99.99
3 Year Package Price:   $99.99 $63.99 $109.99
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MedData™ Pendant
stainless steel (unisex)
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MedData™ Pendant
plastic (unisex)
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MedData™ Bracelet
stainless steel (women’s)
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MedData™ combination
wristwatch & MedData™ (unisex)
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MedData™ sports band
(nylon and velcro, unisex)
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Online Order Form
This Order form can be used by used by individuals or groups who wish to purchase MedData™ products and Network service plans. Physicians and other health care professionals should go to the link provided in the Physician Section of this site to register for free to receive ER-1000 and MD-500 Kits.
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By Submitting this Purchase Order you are agreeing to the purchase terms herein and authorizing MedDataNet™ to charge the amounts shown in the total order amount above.