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Privacy and Confidentiality Statement
The Management and employees of MedDataNet are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all our customers, service members, and participating hospitals and physicians.
The Company has designed all its products and services to comply with state and federal laws that protect medical data and patient privacy. This includes compliance to all HIPAA Regulations and American Medical Association Guidelines for medical data privacy and security.
Only MedDataNet members, licensed physicians and medical providers are authorized to participate in and have access to our service networks. No other unauthorized third parties are allowed access to our service networks.
The Company has designed its products and service networks to provide a high degree of security and protection for member information and medical data. Security protection includes restricting the access to members and physicians through passwords, encrypting patient data, and providing firewall and other security measures for all Internet access.
MedDataNet user members supply all personal and medical information on a voluntary basis. You are free to choose the information that is stored on your MedPage and only you and your physician are authorized to access and make changes to this information.
In order to minimize the use of birth dates and social security numbers for identification purposes MedDataNet is the only service that allows use of picture photo ID’s . This ensures that if you are unconscious you can be rapidly and accurately identified by a photo ID. This is an excellent feature for children, individuals with mental retardation, or Alzheimer’s.

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