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What is MedDataNet™?

"With MedDataNet™ your critical medical data & prescriptions are always accessible in an emergency- 24/7"
MedDataNet™ is the only patented product of it kind that allows people to alert medical personnel they have a medical condition and allow emergency medical personnel to rapidly access their digital medical data, prescriptions and medical history.
A member's medical data and other critical life saving information are securely and confidentially stored in digital format. Since the information is in digital format it can be easily accessed and updated as a member's prescriptions and medical conditions change.
Our MedData™ products come in the form of a bracelet or pendant with our medical symbol in the front clearly designate that the member has a medical condition and to alert medical personnel. On the back side of every pendant or bracelet is a six digit personal access code which enables a member, their physician, or emergency medical personnel to access their medical data via this secure website and the Internet. Medical personnel are also required to input a 6 digit medical provider password in addition to the member password in order to access member records. Thus, a member's data is double password protected and secure. Only licensed medical personnel have access codes and are authorized to view member medical data.
Our MedData Network™ provides 24/7 access to your medical data anywhere in the US and on international travel. Therefore, you will have the peace of mind that your medical data and prescriptions are readily available in an emergency. Our Medpage has been designed by leading Directors of Emergency Medicine who have tailored the page to include only critical and useful medical data which could aid in the life saving treatment & diagnosis of patient's who are experiencing an emergency. The Medpage is not intended to be a comprehensive medical archive of a member.

MedDataNet™ Offers Choices
The MedData™ products come in several styles to choose from for men, women and children. Styles include jewelry bracelets, stainless steel or composite pendants, and sports band versions for more avtive members and children. Our MedData™ products are safe and hypoallergenic.

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  • Our Meddata products are diabetic supplies.
    Need a diabetic bracelet? Buy from us!